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Time Magazine uses iPhone to Shoot 12 Covers

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The latest issue of Time magazine features their new project called FIRSTS – a visual collection of 48 women who have broken the glass ceiling in their respective fields.

FIRSTS is a wonderful multimedia project and Time is promoting it by printing 12 different covers featuring portraits shot by Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr.

Incidentally, the women featured in FIRSTS aren’t the only ones changing the world. Time is breaking some new ground of their own: all of the principle portraits were shot using an iPhone.

Dörr, who photographed FIRSTS using natural light, prefers to use a tiny format camera because of the freedom and intimacy that it affords.

“I like the simplicity of how these pictures are made. But the best part is that as a photographer, you feel extremely light and free,” Dörr told Kira Pollack (Time’s director of photography and visual enterprise) in an interview. “It is almost as if I can make pictures with my hand. There’s no noise, gadgets, tools or plugs—just the subject and myself.”

It’s wonderful to see a photographer like Dörr and Time magazine exploiting the benefits of tiny format with FIRSTS. I’m sure it won’t be the last.

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